20 June 2020   |   by Avneet Kaur   |   Miscellaneous, Blogs

Uploading files to Godaddy server

Uploading your files to your Godaddy linux web hosting

Unable to make connection with your server in Filezilla or any other FTP application! Don't worry. You can directly upload your files in Godaddy by logging into your godaddy account. In this article, we will tell you how you to upload your files to your server, and make your application running in just few steps.

Steps to upload files in Godaddy Linux Hosting Account

The following steps let you know about how to use File manager facility present in your godaddy server to access and upload your files.

1. Login into your godaddy account.

2. Open "My Products" page.

3. Go to your linux web hosting. Click Manage.

4. Select File Manager. You will see a list of file directory on your server on left hand side.

5. Choose upload option to upload your files.

4. Select the file present in your system that you want to upload and drag it to the upload window. The file is uploaded successfully.

Similary you can upload multiple files according to your need to server.