31 July 2020   |   by Naman Kumar   |   Streaming, Blogs


Want to Engage Your Audience on social media? Want your friends to show off your amazing skill?

Live streaming can be a strenuous and confusing task. In this article,we will show an easy step by step method to set up your own live stream.

How to live stream

Streaming can be donw using your pc or by your mobile phone. In this article, we will go throught an easy method to stream using your computer or laptop. In order to start a live stream u would need a stable internet connection to provide a smooth and good quality video stream to your viewrs. Other then inetnet, you would need a high performance computer to handle the stress that you would put on your device while encoding the video for streaming platform.

Following thing you would need to have before you start your first live streaming

1. Stream encoder software – There are many free to use streaming software available on the internet. like streamlabs, obs and others
2. Account on streaming platform you could choose form different platform like twicth,youtube,hitbox, and other. These platform request you to create an account before going live.
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Install the streaming encoder.

In this article we will be using obs as our streaming encoder.Following steps can be followed to download OBS:-
1.Open yout internet browser and search for OBS.
2.Then select the official website for obs that is obsproject.com
3.Select your operating system to start the download.
4. after download install obs software

Setting up your streaming platform to start a stream

In this article we will be using youtube as our streaming platform.Following steps can be followed to setup youtube for streaming:-
1.Open youtube in yout browser. 2.Open setting on youtube. On top right corner of your screen. 3.select youtube studio for your channel. 4.From create. select Go live.(For the very first time you would have to wait for 24 hours before u can start your stream on youtube) 5.Fill in the title,description and other details for your stream. then click to start stream. 6.copy the stream key that would be generated by youtube for your stream.

Now both are encoder and platform are ready to start the stream. In this next section of our article we would join obs with youtube go live.

1. Open OBS. From control select setting.

2. Select stream in your setting option. select service as youtube.paste the stream key that we copied earlier from youtube.

3. exit the setting and that brings you to the home screen for obs here you can create scenes and add source for the input to that scene

4. To share you screen select a scene and then add a source display capture. This will show your screen to your live stream.

5. If you want to setup the camera to your stream the again add a new source video capture sevice and select your camera as input.

6. For your audio add source input audio device and select your microphone

7. Select start streaming in obs.

8. Go back , to your youtube studio there would a preview for the the stream . if everthing seems to be working then click to live.

9. You are now live on youtube. share the link to your friends.